Since the seller can  reach large number of customers Globally, online Business is an unique one in the World.  Same time the competition is very high in this segment.

(a) Firstly, you have to drive traffic to your site and same time deliver great service and best products to your customers.  The most advantage of selling online is that your overhead cost is lower than opening a physical store.

Initially, things will probably move slowly but the more time and effort you put into for creating and promoting the online store, you can achieve more sales.  You need to built multiple channels for marketing your products like Social Media, Content, Paid Advertising, SEO, Tweaking etc.

(b) Choosing the right niche is a vital part in online Business.  Always remember that smaller niches will have less competition, giving you a better chance of connecting with potential customers.

(c) Please do not force visitors to register when they first visit your website.

Please do not make the navigation on your website or blog complicated to use. Put the navigation at the top of the page and keep it consistent.

Please do not make buying process long and don’t try to collect a lot of information from buyers. The more steps and information requested, the greater the friction, and the more sales you will lose as buyers abandon their purchase.

(d) One technique for selling, regardless of whether the business is online or brick-and-mortar, is to offer a guarantee that if the customer is not satisfied, you will refund them with no questions asked.

Another is to show that your site is secured and verified by trusted third parties like Symantec or McAfee. If you are planning on handling credit card information, your website or blog will need to be on a secure server and PCI compliant. This takes a lot of work, time and investment. A better alternative would be to build your store via an eCommerce platform. 

If you sell online/digital products, the delivery should be automated. If you sell physical products, prompt shipping is important, as is providing the buyer with the ability to track their shipment.

(e) Having a great website or blog alone is not enough to bring in traffic and sales. You need to attract people to your store and help them take the step of making a purchase.

Put yourself in your prospective buyer’s shoes. What will they do? Most likely…

  1. Search on Google for something they are looking for.
  2. Ask for advice on a forum or from other people on social networks like Twitter or Facebook
  3. Seek recommendations or reviews from other websites or social media

You will need to invest a considerable amount of time and energy each week to promote yourself. Try writing relevant articles or blog posts on your site, or finding guest posting opportunities on other websites that your prospective customers will visit. Get other people to review your products on their website.

Focus on getting prospective customers to visit your blog or website. Use Google Analytics to see which sources bring the most prospective customers and which convert best to sales.

Repeat business is another vital aspect of building a successful online store. Existing customers are your most profitable. Encourage your customers to regularly visit your site by updating your content